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Have you ever asked a guy out ? or would you ever ask a guy out ? what do you do when you really really like someone ?

Yes, I have. Yes, I would. It depends, if I think they like me back I will tell them that I like them, otherwise I’ll keep it to myself (:

Crashin exhibitions. Chasin ambitions.

Crashin exhibitions. Chasin ambitions.

Yung Anna Wintour  (at The Curragh Racecourse)

Yung Anna Wintour (at The Curragh Racecourse)

My fave. Today is a good day #interviewmag  (at Brando)

My fave. Today is a good day #interviewmag (at Brando)

Shine Theory - Befriending Powerful Women For The Greater Good

It’s a good feeling when something you’ve been believing and practicing for years has taken the spotlight under the immortal power of Beyonce. If an idea is adopted by the biggest female role model in the world it’s dissemination is bound to be enormous. 

In an article in NY Mag I found myself nodding in agreement to what has been coined the Shine Theory. The notion; ”If you don’t shine, I don’t shine”. This may seem like a frilly statement passed between two girlfriends after a few pinot grigios and an episode of Sex In The City, but in fact, it carries a lot more substance than that.

This statement is fueled with feminism and within it lies the secret to success for women. The idea is simple. No good is ever going to come from resentment towards other women. It makes you look bad. It keeps you unhappy. It creates competition thus leading to copying and regurgitating, ya know, trying to do the same things as your competitor ”but better”. All the while you could be expanding and creating something new.

In my experience, I’ve found that, the more I look for qualities and traits to admire in other women, the more I discover within myself. It allows you to take a deeper look at yourself and who you are, rather than who you are not. On the contrary, if all you do is criticize, the more used to criticizing you become, thus criticizing yourself. Either way, it’s a snowball effect. 

If you meet a successful woman. Befriend her. Learn from her and teach her things too. Be the example for young girls, little sisters and daughters. It’s exactly what the world needs.

Check out the article here -

So THAT’S where ideas come from

Probably the most valuable and eye-opening documentary I’ve seen in a long time and it was such a joy to watch.

I came across the ‘Everything Is A Remix’ film while reading an article by Fast Company - '6 Ways Your Brain Tries to Kill Your Ideas And How To Fight Them'. (My boss showed me). Well worth the read if you’re in need of a creative confidence boost. I had 36 minutes and 25 seconds to spare so I was all over that play button.

Well, I can safely say that I’ve picked up at least a lifetime of creative knowledge in that 30something minute video. Major respect and thanks to it’s creator Kirby Ferguson and also props on the fine use of examples and exquisite beats. 

Perhaps one of the cultivated remixes ever made?

See for yourself.

The Collective #ArtWillBeWorn Part 3

The video is here! The final video of the 3 part series of #ArtWillBeWorn by The Collective Dublin. Check out the wonderful team effort below in pictures and video form.

What’s that sensual track I hear you enquire? That’s the sweet sound of upcoming artist Blooms. Who blacked out that wall and made it pop? That was graffiti artist Vents. Who you gonna call? The Collective Dublin.

If you’re about Dublin on the 28th of this month, stroll up to Tamarama, 65 Aungier street for the launch of #ArtWillBeWorn. It’s a Thursday, so you’re obviously going to be longing for fresh beers and good vinyl, and that’s what you’ll get! Let’s party.

Midweek Inspirations

Glittery, 8-bit, furry, stark, glossy, neon, retro, cartoony, sequinsy inspirations. All the good stuff. 

Lobke Leijser

Kelly Gillespie photographed by Karen Ishiguro for Remix 

Galliano Spring/Summer 2001


The Collective - Behind The Scenes


Such a great day on Saturday shooting for The Collective Dublin. The Collective makes slick tees for creative souls. It’s the brain child of creative director and James Franco look-a-like Mark Logan.

Street artist Vents supplied the fresh wall art for us to rub our model bodies upon. Gracing the streets of Dublin with his stark and striking ‘Art Will Be Worn’ piece. His work is also featured on the back of the grey Collective tee. 

Who’s that bearded beauty you ask? Well, that’s none other than Jo’Burgers finest employee Tim Powell. He’ll let you sniff his beard for tips. 

Later in the day we were joined by Blathnaid Devilly who oversaw the whole project in her hungover state and offered Freddo bars to the hungry team.

These glorious behind the scenes pics were taken by Keith Reynolds of Panjandrum Productions. Thanks Keith, you really captured the romance between Tim and I.

Keep you eyes peeled for the final shots and video due to be released on Thursday and if you haven’t already go like The Collective Dublin page and support the collaboration of creative people. Join in the fun with the hashtag #ArtWillBeWorn ✌














My 1950’s Lucid Dream

Last night I had one of the most vivid dreams of my life. One that I think has the power to steer my life in a new direction. It was a lucid dream. When I woke from it at 6 am this morning I could recall everything. 


The reason why this dream is so meaningful to me is because I’ve learned how to interpret my dreams. Before you go all skeptic, it’s got nothing to do with symbolism or hidden meaning like those dream interpretation books. In fact it makes a lot more sense than that. Your dreams are a manifestation of what you’re prodominantly thinking. They are an indicator of where you are going. Although the images you see in your dream may not make sense to you. It is a helpful way of seeing what your thoughts are really doing in your mind. If you believe that your thoughts and feelings create your reality, then pay attention to your dreams.

Once you awaken from a dream, try to recall everything, pay particular attention to the emotion you feel. If your dream was good and you were happy, then you are in a good place regarding the subject of your dream. If you felt anger, fear or any negative emotion, that is a sign you need to change your feelings and thoughts on that particular subject before it becomes your reality. This is very useful. 

(For more about this see Abraham Hicks - Ask and it is Given)

So, back to my dream. I dreamt that I had awoken, therefore I didn’t think I was dreaming at all. Everything was so real. I was in my house, except, it was 1952. Yep. I was stuck back in time. My whole family were there, we were all the same ages as we are now. The house and everything in it was decorated 1950’s style. Bear in mind my house did not exist in the 1950’s. It was fun for a while. But that soon wore off the more I became aware of myself in the dream. There was a tiny wooden television, mustard carpets and yellow curtains. In fact everything seemed to have a mustard hue, as if I was looking through yellow shades. 


The house was significantly smaller than it is now, but it was definitely my house. Weird things happened like, I went to brush my teeth but there was one toothbrush in the tiny sink, as if we were all sharing the one toothbrush. I began to brush my teeth, but my teeth went brown. The toothbrush was dirty. I immediately spat it out then ran the water in the sink. The sink clogged up. I went to put on my shoes, but my shoes were dirty. I went to put on another pair, but all I had were loads of the same pair of these old shoes. Nothing particularly scary about that, but it was the feeling about the place. It was stenchy and restricting. The novelty had worn off.

I turned to my mam and my sister and asked them what was going on. Why are we stuck in the 50’s? How do I leave? I want to leave now!

They more I asked the more aware I became. I said to myself, Hazel wake up now, seriously. I pinched myself, over and over. I was definitely lucid dreaming otherwise I wouldn’t have pinched myself to try and escape. Nothing happened. I was so aware that I remember saying to myself. This is it. I’m not dreaming, I have gone back in time. This is real. 

I couldn’t accept my fate. I needed to leave. I was stuck in the past. Things started to get intense. The yellow curtain and my dads face began to warp. Furniture began moving. The dream started to collapse in on itself. All hell was breaking loose. I said to my mam, I need to go now, please, tell me what to do. She turned and said, ”run outside!”.

I ran. I was outside catching my breath in the 1950’s scape that was my front garden. 

I heard a noise. I heard the pounding of bare feet against a staircase. My 1950’s house didn’t have stairs. To my utter relief I was waking up. I looked around. Everything was cool. In my own bed. My brother was getting up for work. It was 6am.

Okay, so what’s interesting about this is that, I immediately knew what my dream meant. If I don’t stop focusing on the past, past habits and beliefs, I will be stuck there. That would not be cool.

What do I need to do, I need to hold this dream as an indicator from now on. I will focus on the here and now and look forward to my future. 

Lately I’ve been making big plans for my future, I can feel that there are big changes taking place inside me, but I need to let go of my limiting beliefs. Beliefs that tell me I’m not good enough and I’m not ready. I am good enough and I do deserve to make my dreams come true, but that can only happen if I cut the all ties to the past.

It’s time to move forward.

I would suggest that you try interpret your own dreams in this way. Although your dreams may be scary or antsy, you can turn it into a positive by reevaluating your thoughts on your dream subject. You might just learn a lot about yourself.